For Parents

For Parents

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Giving answers to parent questions at DSST Parent Night

understand that the college search process is stressful and at times difficult. I strive to instill confidence in you and your student during the time we work together.

I will help your student understand what needs to get done, have them identify what works and produce choices with which they are comfortable. I ask the students who I work with to self-evaluate, encourage them to take responsibility for their own education, and keep them on track. At the same time, I recognize they have busy lives. Ideally, it is best to meet early in their high school years when they are freshmen or sophomores, however, anytime you find me, is the time for you to start a successful journey.

As a result, the goals for this process are:

  • To put the student at the center of the college process. 
  • To embark on a journey of self-discovery to find the opportunities that a college education holds.
  • To provide a structured program that directs both parents and students throughout high school.
  • To help students recognize their strengths and weaknesses as it relates to their college choices.
  • To save time and streamline effort.

Often, having a counselor (not the parent) help the student navigate the college search process alleviates family stress.

“Diane met with my son on a frequent basis and kept him on task.  She assisted with letters to Coaches (as my son was a recruited student athlete), essays, applications and other necessary correspondence. The process went quite smoothly overall. Ultimately, our son was accepted at his top choice, a reach school on his list. My wife and I were very pleased with Diane and will utilize her again next year.”