Why Educational Consulting?

Let’s fast forward …

It’s May 1st of the senior year (which is National decision day to deposit to the college you will attend) and you’ve spent time, money and emotional reserves on finding the colleges that “fit.”  As a parent, the college expenditure is the second largest of your life; only a mortgage costs more. Furthermore, you serve two purposes: what is best for your son/daughter and what is best for your family’s resources? After all, there may be more siblings to educate, elder care, and…retirement.  Looking back over our time together at CollegeXroads, you see there were so many questions that were answered and that saved you time and stress. By handing the difficulty of the process over to us, you have stayed the course, avoided conflicts with your child and benefitted from our expert counsel.

As a student, you have been bombarded by college emails, the anxiety of your peers, the pressure of the media and you’ve filtered all of that through our meetings, phone contacts and texts. We are known to have a calming influence on the most stressful of times. With our guidance and experience behind you, you have developed a direction that fits YOU and your needs.  Now you are ready to choose because you know what you want and most of all, you are ready to make the most of an exciting time of your life.

Choosing to use CollegeXroads services will assist you with not only the outcome by May 1, but also with the entire journey along the way. 

Diane helps a student make the best decision regarding his college choice.
Toni Marie works with a student to determine the best college fit.
Toni Marie and Diane are members of HECA® and College Consultants of Colorado®. Diane is a Certified Educational Planner® and is Strong Interest Inventory Certified®.