From learning about the plethora of schools to essays, applications, and financial aid, the college process can seem very daunting. With the help of Diane, however, I found the process easy to understand, and all the intricacies fully explained. After asking me about my particular interests, Diane presented me with a list of schools, all of which she was thoroughly familiar with. After selecting schools, she helped me through the rest of the complex process. She gave great help refining and taught me how to edit the many applications, providing me with standardized testing resources, and applying for financial aid. Diane helped to untangle the intricate web of college admissions and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants help achieving their collegiate goals.


Diane helped with the application process as I transferred away from a university in Boston about two and a half years ago.

I didn’t really have any college counseling at my school, so I applied a very random smattering of schools, not knowing how to pick a good school for me and my academic/lifestyle interests. I wound up back east. (not really knowing anything about the school or the culture of the institution) but after two years, I decided that it was not a good fit for me at all and I took a semester off. I felt the classes were too large/not rigorous enough for my liking, I felt a general lack of community on campus, and the gloomy Boston weather was a big challenge for my triathlon training.

I came home to Denver and upon deciding to transfer, I sought Diane’s guidance. After a disastrous solo attempt at college admissions as a high school senior that brought me to an east coast school, I wanted help from someone who was familiar with the nuances of different colleges/universities so I wouldn’t make the same uninformed mistake again. And also I was interested to work with someone who would really listen to me and my interests. Diane was incredibly helpful and very personal in aiding me as I formulated a list of schools. She constantly does an immense amount of research about colleges around the country, and is very up-to-date about different programs of study and various components of college life, so I knew that I was consulting a really knowledgeable person on the matter who was also very approachable. We thouroughly talked about what I was looking for the second time around, and exactly what type of campus, location, intellectual atmosphere, and academic offerings would suit me best. I always really looked forward to going to Diane’s because she is very easy to talk to about apprehensions and very understanding in general — which was especially wonderful because I was nervous about having a bad experience at a second college!

Perhaps Diane’s most valuable input during my transfer application process was her acute attention to my essays. I must have written six drafts of each essay! And Diane carefully read and taught me how to edit each draft, making sure I was using the limited space to the most beneficial end possible. I was really impressed with Diane’s attention to each word choice, how she wanted me to really think about what every single word conveyed and how it fit into the overall package of my application. I felt like Diane helped me craft my essays into finely-tuned self-portraits that genuinely reflected who I am . . . a far leap from my first round of hastily-written essays that were mostly what I thought the admissions committees wanted to hear!

I have no doubt that Diane’s fantastic help, her extremely personal attention to me and my whole application, and her ability to guide me to apply to schools that reflected my interests were largely why I was admitted to a highly selective California college’s transfer class — a class that had only about a 5% acceptance rate.

I just graduated cum laude from my college a few weeks ago with a B.A. in Digital Media Studies and am starting a job in marketing/advertising for Google at their headquarters in Mountain View, CA on Monday. I am so thankful for all of Diane’s help in getting me to Pomona, the most amazing college I could possibly imagine for it supported me to pursue my dreams and it challenged me to become a better, more aware, and more inquisitive person.